AIS award winning case studies 2020

Congratulations!!  to the winners of the 2020 THE COMPUTATIONAL SOCIETY CASE STUDY CHALLENGE, hosted by the Association for Information Systems (AIS) student chapter leadership conference online!


The group with team members - Wenxi Huang and Orlando Salamanca from Florida International University won the first prize for their analysis on Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Computational Technologies to Assist the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in its Efforts to Monitor and Preserve the Environment for the Welfare of Humanity and All Other Species.


The second position was taken by the group members - Kathleen Mecca, Anisa Ara, and James Heathershaw  from Temple University for their analysis of Artificial Intelligence Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Applications: How Effective are CBT Applications on Promoting Mental WellBeing?.


The third prize was awarded to the group - Sultana Bilbaria, Isabella Wilson, Xiulan Li, and Virginia Mosley and (While there teams had four people, only two could finally present: Sultana and Isabella) from University of Michigan, Dearborn for their analysis on White-Collar Society After Globotics.


The fourth position was taken by the group members - Jahmawry Porter, and Kevin Gonzalez Garcia from Florida International for their analysis on The Digital Footprint of Brick and Mortar Store